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Black Lives Matter

I muted my social media accounts for nearly two weeks to help amplify black voices in the fight for black lives. In this time, like many of us, I have read, talked, donated, marched and protested.

I will not stop.

I will continue to raise the volume and keep having those conversations. I will not look away. I will keep reading and doing the work. However from this week I’m returning to posting and sharing my own work. Moving forward I will be also posting and about black artists I admire and pointing you in their direction. These will be collected and stored in highlights on my instagram, but also in blogposts here so that links and archives will always be accessible. If you have suggestions or black creatives you'd like me to feature I'd love to know, just drop me a line in the comments.

I hope that you are safe and well and got some fresh air and sunshine over the weekend. It’s so important to look after our mental health, always, but especially during these times. Welcome to a new week, let’s have some coffee, roll up our sleeves and get to work 💛✨

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