Mauna Kea

procreate on ipad pro

This is a meditation on Mauna Kea and the situation that Hawaiians are facing. The people of Hawaii and their allies are currently opposing the Supreme Court of Hawaii’s decision to place a telescope on top of the Mauna peak, one of their most sacred places. Big Island is home to the Mauna Kea, the tallest mountain in the world from base to peak. They propose to place a TMT Thirty Meter Telescope upon it, using $1.4 billion to do so. This is in direct violation of native rights and would further desecrate the already scared land. The Mauna is a place of worship and spiritual connection, it is the place where the gods of the heavens and the earth meet connecting humans to the land. Hawaiian culture is alive and strong. It has not been suppressed despite enduring occupation, whitewashing and commodifying. If they wanted to put a TMT on top of Stonehenge you can bet there’d be an international outcry, and let’s not even compare it to events like the immediate funding to rebuild Notre Dame. No people should ever have to justify their sacred spaces. If you want more information on the situation go to @protectmaunakea 

The top image is the original colour way I created this illustration in. Underneath are many different colour variations as I was having too much fun to stop myself and procreate makes it very easy to keep playing, especially for an colour addict such as myself.